GPU's have stopped trying to cool them selves

Problem :The videocard will not attemp to cool it's self.
Symptoms: As the Card's heat up the fans stay at 30% speed
: Changeing to manual mode in CCC and raiseing the Bar has no effect
: Does detect temps But no fan speed changes

Steps taken: Have uninstalled the drivers and Reinstalled
: Did uninstall in this order
1.Uninstalled drivers from Programs add/remove
2.uninstalled Cards from Devices
3.Restarted and ran Driver sweep
4.Reinstalled CCC with 12.4 Catalyst

Additional steps:
:Has found i can use MSI Afterburner to activate a Fan profile

-Rather not use afterburner for if the program ever fails the cards will go up in smoke durring a game
-And feel better at ease if origonal problem solved


OS: Windoes 7
GPU: HD6990 x2
Cpu chipset: i7 2600K
Mob: Asuse Sabertooth p67 B3 revision
Case: Phantom NZXT
Os Drive: Vortex 3 OCZ
PSU: AX 1200 Corsair 80 plus Gold
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  1. what psu, could your rig be underpowered?

    enter your specs on this site to confirm you have enough juice
  2. It sounds like you need to call the tech support of the card and open a support ticket so that if they can't fix the issue then you can do a RMA and in order to do one you need a support ticket.
    Have you tried different versions of the Catalyst driver to find one that works the fan profile? Sometimes you don't need the newest driver.
  3. OOps my bad i forgot to include my PPSU

    Corsair AX 1200

    Where do i go to download a lower version of CCC that may fix the problem i think it started just after Updateing to 12.4
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