To upgrade or new build

Current computer specs
Win7 64bit
GTX 560
8 GB Corsair XMS3 1066MHZ
Tagan 580W Modular Power supply

Iiyama Prolite 2773HDS

OK here's the dilemma; I like gaming and my present system meets my requirements in that respect pretty well, I hit 60FPS in most of the games I like to play at reasonable levels of detail.

The problem I have is I'm using Adobe Illustrator and photoshop on a regular basis now for my business and even though the screen is great for gaming it's not so great for Adobe. I had a NEC 19" before and it had superior colour, contrast and sharpness; but wasn't large enough to edit multiple artwork at the same time, that's why I bought the Iiyama. Unfortunately as I've already mentioned Iiyama and Adobe not so good.

New screen is probably going to be a Dell 27" which after reading quite a few reviews seems up to the job in respect to Adobe, not quite so sure for games as the response time isn't great?

With the extra resolution my FPS is going to suffer to a level where I won't be happy, therefore a video card upgrade will be needed, which I'm considering a GTX670.

Will this bottle neck any of the other components?

Would I be better starting again with a new system build?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I think your CPU might become a bottleneck.

    If u r going for a top end GPU, consider upgrading ur CPU and mobo.
  2. Hi Shubham thanks for reply,

    if the cpu will be a bottle neck could i not just drop a i5 or i7 into exisiting M/B? I dont over clock or need lots of features?

  3. Yeah u can do that, drop an i5 or i7 sandy bridge processor into ur mobo...
    (consider i5-2500 or i7-2600, or some other cpu)

    But upgrade ur mobo in future, as ur present mobo is not capable of utilising the full power of i5 2500 or i7 2600.

    OR what u can do is get ur GTX670 and and se if it bottlenecks ur GPU heavily.
    If the bottleneck effect is not much, then u can continue for some time and upgrade ur cpu and mobo in future.
  4. Thats interesting what you say about the M/B not being able to fully utilise the power of a i5 or i7. Why is that? What technology is in the more expensive M/B's that isnt in the h61 M/B's?

    Thanks Jon
  5. i m not an expert, but i built my system a few weeks back and i did a lot of research before buying.

    i dont know exactly about the technology, but i found out that all mobo's are not capable of exploiting powerful cpu's to the fullest.
    higher end mobo's have technologies and features that utilise the full power of the cpu.
    As the cpu evolves, mobo's also evolve.

    As your mobo is old and not in production now, it can be gathered that it is not good enough for a powerful sandy bridge cpu.
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