Hi im new to the forum and need some help :p i think my rig is getting bottle-necked and i don't know whats getting bottle-necked. I have been getting low fps on easy to run games like Payday the heist and others.

My specs:

Phenom II X4 965 BE @ 3.7 Ghz OC

8GB Corsair vengeance 1600mhz

AMD 6950 2 GB

Antec Neo Eco 620 WATT

Antec Kuhler 620 in push pull config

Some random 30 inch Samsung TV on 1360x768
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  1. It could be a hardware problem have you checked to see if everything is wokring properly?

    Also, is this a new rig or an older exsisting one? (if so did it run like this in the past?

    Just a start up post.
    No I don't believe there are any real bottlenecks that will effect you in major ways in there.
  2. Its new ish but at the res im playing games at 1360x768 i would have no problem playing any game but yet i can barley run the new need for speed most wanted i get like 30 frames and with spec i have i should be able to run this max with no problem at my res.
  3. Hmm, that is strange. Not gonna assume it's the CPU, so I'm gonna go ahead and say - Maybe it's the GPU? Because I get 30-40FPS completely maxed out on the new Need For Speed with a PII 965 BE @ 3.4Ghz, 8GB Vengeance 1600Mhz and a Radeon HD6750 1GB. My card offers like 1/3 of the performance yours does, and yet I get better FPS so I say faulty Graphics card!
  4. Really faulty graphic card it shouldn't i had it replaced for artifacting like 4-5 month ago could it be my resolution im playing on its not making my graphic card work hard enough or something like that ?
  5. Maybe it's your CPU lowering it's clock due to temps, try bringing it back to 3.4Ghz stock. And a faulty graphics card isn't always followed by artifacting, It's common, but not always. I've seen faulty graphics cards that have only one memory chip active, or undervolting themselves for no reason.
  6. I have tried this and it is still the same and sorry for the really late response.
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