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My CPU typically idles at around 10%, but today, at least according to Speedfan and Performance Monitor, my CPU has been running at 100%. The catch is that when I open the Process Manager CPU drops down to 10%, but almost immediately after I close it the CPU jumps back up to 100%. I haven't been able to identify the issue and now I have to have the Task Manager at all times to prevent BSODs. I ran quick scans with MSE and Malwarebytes and they both turned up nothing, but I'm in the process of running full scans. It doesn't happen in Safe Mode so it may be a driver issue. I hadn't noticed the issue until today, but last night after waking up from a nap my PC said it had recovered from an unexpected shut down. Has anybody run across this before and know of a fix other than a fresh install? If not is there a way I can see what is using up 100% of my CPU? I've used Process Explorer, Task Manager, and Resource Monitor but they all drop the CPU usage down to a normal amount. I'm running Windows 7 64 with a i5 2500k.

Edit: No findings in the full scans
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  1. Did your windows 7 recently do an update? Check to see if any have been done, it could be a bad install. Also you can run a sfc /scannow and see if that can find anything corrupted.
  2. I would try doing a system restore. Though it should always be a last resort, if you can't figure out the problem it will probably fix it.
  3. montosaurous said:
    I would try doing a system restore. Though it should always be a last resort, if you can't figure out the problem it will probably fix it.

  4. Hey I'm having the same exact problem too since yesterday. Did you fix yours? I've scanned using spybot, malwarebyte and mse full scan and found none. I thought it was the new nvidia beta driver first, but the problem remains even after reinstalling the prev version.

    If this is some sort of virus it's a pretty damn smart virus.
  5. I had unexpected shutdowns , went to services disable windows media player network sharing service , and have not had a shutdown since . Forget te error that was reprted just before shutdown , but had something to do with win media something
  6. I think I found the culprit, it's search indexer service. Try disabling it on your services ctrl panel. Looks like it got stuck while indexing certain files. I disabled it for now, might run some experiments later.
  7. wow same here started yesterday... I have to have taskmanager open to avoid 100% cpu usage...
  8. ok I hope this helps.

    as I stated before I have the same issue and no luck with antivirus scans etc.
    anyhow I looked into tasks with norton security suite and it shows there what program its using 100% of my cpu "igfxupdate.exe" I try to do a google search and nothing... anyhow I deleted the file and close taskmanager and my cpu seems fine now not sure if this is a perm fix but its worth a try GL if you find an other fix let me know since I have the same issue .

    ps if this help dont forget to select your answer xD

    PS: this fixes the CPU but my GPU still having issues
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