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New speakers for Around $30

hey guys
i currently have a Logitech s220 on my pc which i love very much and i wanted the same thing on my ps3 but the logitech s220 has been discountinued. what 2.1 speaker system do you guys know of which is equally good as the s 220
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  1. Where are you buying them from.

    The Logitech X 210 are a good pair of speakers.
  2. i am buying them from Frys or Microcenter or Directron

    I am getting a deal from a friend for logitech z313 l belive for 20. is that a good deal
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    Yes that is a good deal.

    They are like the newer version of the X 210.

    They should also be more louder than the S220 (i have the S220 aswell).
  4. thanks for the advice
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  6. No problem.
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