7970 whining?

its making this noise while playing certain games but i dont actually see any problems while gaming or anything. i did hear it may be coil whine, does this mean ill have to rma the card?
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  1. Whats your Fan Speeds during gaming
  2. nope not fan speed tested its louder depending on the game crysis isnt to bad well when its loading it is and STALKER does it pretty bad as well and while out of game ive ramped the fans up to 100% and then went into the games and still makes the sound
  3. Coil whine is a common issue with 7900 series cards, but results from the build and components. It is not a defect so I'm not sure it is RMA-able. I would give it a try though.
  4. might do and i got the radeon x edition 1050/1425mhz and got it for fairly cheap anyway or i wouldnt of got it XD but yeah i may try to rma it got my old trusty 5770 still if i do ^^
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