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PSU quality


I have been undecided between PSUs.
I think I found 2 PSU with characteristics I am looking for:


Both cost about the same.
My question is about their built quality.
Which one is more future proof and better built?

Any other recommendations of PSU around the same price with 700w+ and 4 x 6+2 pic-e are welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. People say Antec has high build quality. I've heard it repeated in the forums. XFX doesn't seem to have as high quality.
    Is cheaper. ha
  2. The Antec was built by Delta. It's a good unit, although there is a similar Delta-built one that recently was not awarded at HardwareSecrets, apparently due to some quality issues.
    The XFX is built by Seasonic. Seasonic does not know how to build a bad PSU. Also because it is modular, this is the one I'd choose out of those two.
  3. The Antec is made by Delta and is rated quite well with a 9.5/10 from Jonnyguru.

    The XFX like all XFX units is made by Seasonic. It gets a 9.6/10 from jonnyguru.

    Flip a coin or go with the cheaper unit. Either one is a great chioce for a high end gaming build. The only units I would consider over either are the Seasonic X series or the new Seasonic Platnium series.
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    Here is a tier list for power supplies, they both seem to be close but it looks like the XFX unit is in tier 1 (best) and the Antec one is Tier 2 (not as good as Tier 1 but still good).

    Edit: Try this power supply below
    Costs 139.99 after rebate, Tier 2

    Edit 2:
    Costs 139.99 after rebate, Tier 1

    Edit 3: Much cheaper in price
    Costs a mere 99.99, tier 2

    All have 4 pci-e connectors and are 750+ in watts
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