Ridiculous lagging on 1090T

Okay, so for the past year or so I've noticed some annoyingly choppy gaming. I have an HD 5850, loads of ram, 1090t @3.6GHz (crashes really quickly beyond this point), 1080p resolution. 650 watt? psu.

Essentially, I've been trying to diagnose the problem, but no solution has worked. I bought more ram at one point, and nothing changed. My cpu is constantly running at ~80% with NO programs running (beyond background crap), which kind of worries me now that I think about it. It lags on almost any game I try to play. My GPU is not being crammed, because the usage is nowhere near 100%. Playing games that I think my computer can handle (SIMPLE emulators, Kingdoms of Amalur, Skryim, CoD6,) all show lag. It's becoming incredibly frustrating.

Temps are good, too.

Any insight would be great, because it's killing my desire to game on my PC.

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    Beyond background crap? o.o

    Btw I'm useing windows Xp and have an average of 25 processes running at idle. I try to keep process count low, no need to have the computer doing things it doesn't need to do.. eats up resources.

    Anti virus? Mal ware protection? Some bad things coudl be messing up your computer.

    Have you trouble-shooted any of your parts to find out if they work on another computer or not? Have you run memtest to see if your ram is good? Ran any HDD tests? That sort of thing
  2. Background like ccc, mcafee, window, other systems processes. Also try to mjnimalizje number of nonessential processes. I've run anti virus scans, malware scans, too. Multiple times. Nothing comes up. I have checked my psi, ram, and gpu. I've runs ram test, but no hdd.

    Sorry for the short response, im on my broken phone.

  3. bad overclock. chip can't handle it. been harmed.
  4. what's your motherboard model?
  5. The whole reason I tried to overclock was because the lagging started. I don't think that's it, but it definitely could be. I'd like to get a new one, but I'm afraid it'd just be a waste of money.

    Gigabyte 870
  6. When did this issue start? Any changes that could've caused it? And if your gaming experience is bad I would upgrade the GPU. A Radeon 7870 or GTX 660 should do you well.
  7. I honestly cannot remember when it exactly started. I'm afraid of a new GPU because even games that require little to no gpu power are randomly lagging like crazy. Some days they are fine and others they run at like 15 fps. The activity is also less than 20%. The games essentially go from smooth the choppy in no time, regardless of on screen activity. I could be talking and it might run worse than when there are fires, explosions, etc.
  8. make sure the monitors refresh rate is correct.
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