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which graphic nvedia card compatible with my desktop pc. it it intel dual core processer with 1 gb ram. pantium 4. plz help me...if u knw the solution plz mail me at ill wait for the replies thank you!!!
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  1. Umm... what are you going to be using it for?

    If you are looking to game on it your setup is going to be a big choke on the card.

    Even if you throw in a high end card it wont make up for the other bad parts.

    also, does your computer have PCI-E? I think it would but i just thought i would ask.
  2. viraj. sadly the only thing that would benefit your computer would be a GTS 250. Its time to build a new system
  3. Pentium 4 or pentium dual core? You will get not much benefit with pentium 4 but gain some if it is dual core. Try to change the system as Rockdpm said.
  4. Try to get 2gb of ram insteased of 1. And, just if you have a PCI-E slot, you can try a NVIDIA GT440 1gb DDR3 or a ATI HD 6670 1gb DDR3. Those are low consumption cards
    but you need at least a generic PSU 500WATT at least.
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