Fan with Thermal Sensor on PSU molex ?

I intend to buy an UCEV12 that has "Auto Speed Control by Thermal Sensor" - it has an adaptor for 3-pin to Molex - for PSU pluging . Everything else is full on the mobo (other fans). Do u recon it could Auto-regulate based on the sensor in this fashion by pluging into the PSU molex ?

The Everest model is 500-1000 RPM , so i do not know if by working on 12 V from the Molex PSU jack it has this function of self-temperature ajustament.

How is this sensor working ?
1.- the information
from the sensor is feed to the MotherBoard ( which decides ) / 2. or it is all internal in the fan . ( automatic )

Also i have no ideea on the temperature scale, i inted to have as a front FAN , that should sit quietly and if things get to hot to call in air. ( but can not - plug it in to the mobo ).

That is my dilema.
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  1. The thermal sensor is usually an extra cable with a sensor at the end.

    You stick the sensor to the component that you want to influence your fan's speed.

    The sensor causes the fan to increase speed as the sensor's temp increases. It varies resistance with temperature.

    (The motherboard need not get involved in the process.)

    When using a sensor fan, connect the power to a source that always has a full 12v rather than a fan header that uses variable voltage. (The molex adapter is perfect for this)
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