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Every now and then my computer would simply turn off suddenly for no reason. It wasn't overheating and I wasn't able to reproduce why. I had a 850w power supply so it wasn't a power issue. I wasn't over clocking anything either. I could find no reason other than maybe some weird issue with the power supply.

Anyway I eventually wanted to switch out some hardware so I bought an i7-3770k along with a new mobo and 1866 ram. I made sure the mono could support the 1866 ram and the 3770k processor. When everything came I assembled the new hardware and I first was getting a blue screen when I would load windows. I eventually was able to get past that and loaded windows and everything seemed to be going find but then then my computer would turn off. I thought this was odd because I was using almost completely different hardware so why was my computer turning off still?

I read more into it and I had just left my 1866 under clocked so I upped it to 1866 in the bios and started running into other problems. Apparently if your cpu isn't set right you can run into problems running your ram at 1866. I pulled the battery out to reset the bios. I thought well maybe I had a virus or something software side as causing my computer to turn off, but then after messing with my ram my computer would shut off even before loading windows. I think that was before resetting the bios though so I figured the computer shutting off problem got worst because I was setting my ram at 1866 and wasn't setting other stuff right.

Anyway after resetting my bios now my problem is I'm getting no video. All of the fans start up but I'm not getting anything. I've tried integrated video and that didn't display anything either. I'm not hearing any beeps either. I've tried moving ram around in different slots. I've tried using my old ram that worked just fine before. I've gone through all of the steps listed in that sticky. I have power to both of the motherboard spots. I have tried two different video cards that were both working earlier. The whole computer was working earlier... That is what I don't get. I had everything running fine (aside from the random turning off). Things went downhill when it kept turning off at random times. The graphics card was at 27c and the processor was 23c idle and max of 41c when busy so overheating wasn't the cause of my computer turning off. When it would turn off it wouldn't let me turn it back on. I'd have to unplug it and wait a while before it would turn back on.

At this point I just have no idea what's going on. I have weird issues with losing power and now wanting to turn back on and the main issue right now is no video output through integrated or my graphics card. All this hardware was working just fine and now it isn't. What boggles my mind is that I swapped out all of my hardware and I still get that crashing. Before it wasn't this bad though, it would not happen that often.

I've spent hours and hours and hours reading these forums and for the life of me cannot figure out what's going on. I wonder if something happened with the motherboard? I don't think I damaged it.
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  1. Specs? :D
    And if you replace the CPU or mobo Windows will need to be reinstalled. Right now if you don't get posting or beeps (assuming you have a case speaker) the motherboard or CPU is probably bad. You would've been better off just to reinstall Windows in the first place.
  2. GSkill Ripjaws 1866 8GB x2, i7-3770k, Zotac GTX 670 Amp!, OCZ 750w, ASRock Z75 Pro3.

    I wouldn't mind reinstalling if I could get to that point even lol. Right now I can't even get anything. I've unplugged everything but the bare minimum like that sticky guide says and still can't get a video output from the on-board graphics or if a plug in my graphics card. I don't understand why because earlier everything was working just fine. The only conclusion I can make now is that the motherboard is somehow fried and I need to replace it even though it was working just fine earlier...
  3. That may be the case. Did you remove the CPU from it's socket?
  4. Unless you somehow damaged your CPU, it's probably the motherboard. If you replace it get a Z77. The Z75s are more low end.
  5. hmm no I haven't touched it since placing it and the heat sink in. I didn't think it needed to be messed with since it was running just fine earlier when I was monitoring temps and was able to get into Windows. But maybe I should look at it. It's one of the only things I haven't looked over 20x.
  6. I put a little bit too much thermal paste on, but otherwise the processor seems to be fine. I've spent 2 whole days now trying to figure this out. I think I'm just going to have to return the motherboard and try again.

    I'll look at the Z77s you mentioned.
  7. Yeah a pea sized dot of thermal paste is enough. Did the CPU work fine before though?
  8. Yep at first everything was running great before it started crashing and going down hill. When I was able to get into Windows I was monitoring the temps and such. The processor seemed to be running great. Apparently some people have had problems like mine with this board. I read and tried suggestions for hours with no luck so I'm think I just got unlucky and need to try a better mono like your suggested. I'm using my old mono and processor at the moment and they're working fine. This leads me to suspect my new mono or processor. I'm fairly sure nothing is wrong with the processor aside from a tiny bit too much thermal paste, none of which is leaking onto the chip so I think that is alright.
  9. Make sure no pins are bent and clean off the thermal paste well without damaging the chip and you should be fine.
  10. And test a different power supply, if possible.
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