Hi folks

Ive been gettin problems running most games which I believe to be a hardware issue

On driving games I quite often getlow frames per second issues and sometimes the GFX go crazy without necessarily crashing the game moreover I actually carry on ..
On my football game PES 2012 I also sometimes suffer from stutters and or temorary low frame rates..on this game the screen sometimes goes almost completely dark again this does not crash the system

In both cases minimizing to desktop and returning again will temporarily clear the problem

Recently in an attempt to make them playable ive been altering the settings inside the nview control panel and I managed to stop the football game from randomly displaying a dark screen

Using my limited knowledge of pc's and hardware my strong belief is that it would be the card ..but I don't want to purchase another card only to have the problem persisting.. (not very flush at the moment)

So I ask you people who I blieve would have a better idea than me..... where does the problem lie the gpu or the cpu? or is there another possibility

Win xp professional x64 edition
BFG Geforce 8800gtx

Athlon 5200+ x2 x64

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  1. try 800x600 and low settings, what happens ?

    the processor is the biggest problem. and it's not worth pumping money into such an old system. you may want to look into a phenom quad core if your board supports it.

    what's the rest of your hardware ?... including ram
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