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I need some advice on the type of cooling fan that I should get for a gaming rig that I will build sometime within the next six months. My intention is currently to wait until Intel Haswell is released in April, but several sources that I have read say the performance differences between the current and next generation Intel i5 will be small. I am uncertain if I will overclock the system, but at least for the first 18 months, I will be running on standard speed. I want a CPU cooling fan that is quiet. I did a rough list of what components I may buy from Newegg or Tigerdirect when I order the parts. For the Intel i5-3750K I chose the Thermaltake CLP0587 140 mm CPU Cooler for $102.99 because it had the largest diameter and my understanding is the bigger the fan, the quieter the noise level. I suspect that this fan may be overkill. If anyone could recommend alternative reliable, quiet, and cheaper fans, I would greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Unless you want to do some serious overclocking a simple 212+ should suit your needs.

    I also try to purchase new tech a few months after it hits the market, in an attempt to avoid the "new toy" premium that tends to come with such things.
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