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...And also, share your own. :)

Hey guys, not sure if this is the right section to post this in, but I couldn't see anywhere better. Anyway...

I just re-manged this rig this morning, made some improvements and I'm after some constructive input. Tell me what you think, and offer tips if you want. :)

There's a couple of things I just wasn't able to hide because they were too short to go behind things, like the usb header cable for my card reader, PEG power, and my cathode inverter/cables. Generally, if it's not behind the motherboard tray, it's because it just wouldn't fit.

Probably not quite as clean as it could be, but hey, nobody's perfect.

oh and inb4 fan cables (cleaned the heatsink and put the fan on the wrong way round so the cable sticks out, but it's a nightmare to get those fans on and off so i haven't bothered)

Cheers for looking guys, pics below (full sizes here: http://imgur.com/a/18buX )

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  1. Very clean much better than mine ;) on a rating of 1 to 10 you get a 8.5
  2. If you want to make the case Loki a bit better get a liquid cooler for you CPU if you have some extra money and space. Best of luck with you pc
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, email alerts were going into the spam folder.

    I was considering getting a H100 until I heard the noctua NH-D14 was better for the money, so I'll probably go with that. Or eventually, a custom loop :O but since I don't care for a quiet PC and it's all about the cooling performance for me, it probably wouldn't be worth it yet just to have a higher overclock. I can do 4ghz fine on this cooler which is enough for me. I'd rather spend the money on a better CPU further down the road :)

    As for 8.5 I wasn't expecting anyone to rate it that highly, especially since it looks a lot worse on the picture than in person. Still a lot of cables showing that shouldn't be too.

    All the best guys and thanks for your input :kaola:
  4. Good job with the cable management. Few recommendations,

    1. I would recommend trying to run the graphics card power cables behind and out the Rubber grommet closest to the card and up along the rear of the card.

    2. The black cable running to the bottom of the mobo, I think your case's front USB connector, see if you can run that behind the mobo tray and bring it up from underneath it closest to the PSU.

    3. Try and hide the fan controller box, not sure if that's what it is. And it looks like it may be permanently installed there. If so try running the power cable through the rubber grommet closest to the box instead.

    Here's mine. Once I get my fan controller back from Scythe (solder joint broke) My intake fan cables will be cleared up.
  5. Yeah I was wondering when someone would mention the PEG connector. It wouldn't fit that way properly with it being too short after turning the PSU around (which I did so I wouldn't have to move the system to clean the dust under it), and also, I personally think it looks better this way when the side panel is on, since you can only see the part that pops out from the right to the video card itself.

    Again, the black cable going to the bottom of the mobo is the header for my card reader. it's quite high up in the case and the cable is too short, and it doesn't have enough length to go all the way to the bottom of the mobo tray and back up to the socket, although I may be able to either move it down or find an extension cable when I can be bothered.

    Also about that box, that's the inverter for my cathodes, and it's attached with Velcro. The white wires at the top go through a small tunnel in the roof for the fan cables there, and out to just in-front of the side panel where the cathodes are. I tried getting that behind the mobo tray, but it wouldn't fit because of the sheer amount of cables. I can't get it any lower in the case either because the cathodes are right at the top.

    Thanks for your input, it's much appreciated :)

    Also, is that mushkin you have in there? ;)
  6. No problem ;) sorry I missed the part about the header.
  7. skaz, have you considered black SATA cables. They look awesome :lol:
  8. Imgur? I sense a fellow redditor... But for the cables, pretty nice. I think if I did it, I would run the graphics card cables through the little hole next to the card. Other than that, I can't think of anything to criticize. Except, maybe get some black electrical tape and cover those white wires near the top.
  9. Hah, no, not a redditor. I just use this because it lets me generate links in batch and formats them in bbcode for you, which is handy for multiple images.

    As for electrical tape, I tried that, but it likes to peel off after a day or so. I'm thinking of just extending the cables and hiding it somewhere.

    Also the PEG connectors are too short to go behind there. Plus, I think it looks better like this.
  10. gearbrain said:
    skaz, have you considered black SATA cables. They look awesome :lol:

    Thanks for the recommendation. I went ahead and got some black ones and installed along with my new heatsink.

  11. Looking very slick in there :)

    Nice heatsink btw.
  12. Thanks mate. I found that electrical tape peels off pretty easy too. I keep meaning to try the scotch 33+ stuff to see if holds any better.
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