Something like the HAF 912 with a 200mm side fan

Title says it all, I have a CM HAF 912
and I am incredibly satisfied with it besides for one thing, I does not support a 200mm GPU (Side panel) fan, it only supports a 120-140mm but they are just to noisy, I love the 200mm fans.
Ideally I would love if I could buy a replacement side panel for the 912 but i've searched high and low and I cant find anything like that.
So does anyone know of any good cases like the 912 in the $50-80 price range that has the cooling of the 912 (with 200mm fans mainly) or of a replacement panel for the 912?
Any help would be great!
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  2. Hey! Thanks for the reply! I had already checked out those side panels and they don't support the 200mm on the side panel and the 922 is a little more than im willing to spend. Thank you for your input tho!
  3. No problem.
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