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I was wondering if you think this will work well together?(Case is a must, at friends request)


already have a ssd and hdd for it.

price point is around 650 canadian(with shipping and tax) this comes to around 660
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  1. forgot to mention. GPU will come later
  2. Good, but you can't OC on that motherboard.
  3. oops, I meant to put the non K version, as this system will run at stock clocks.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    Any other suggestions?

    I usually build for myself but this is for someone else so I wanted to get other opinions.

    BTW will the stock Intel cooler be sufficient since no OC will be done?

    At a later point a graphics card will be added.
  4. If not OC'ing the stock Intel cooler will do just fine.
  5. Thanks for your input obsama1. I really do appreciate it!

    Any recommendations on a good video card to compliment this setup when the time comes?(for gaming, not design)
  6. 6870/6950/560 Ti. Those, apart from the 6870, go for $200, but new cards will make them drop in price.
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