Your advice on a sound card for my needs

Hey guys!

I am currently using my onboard sound for my speakers and headset... I am looking to upgrade the sound quality in both my headset and speakers....

what I have:

Logitech z5500

Tritton ax 180 ( I know they aren't great but I got them for 16 bucks on clearance, I will upgrade these after I find the right card, and since we're on the subject, what are good headsets for music and gaming? does wired make a huge difference over wireless? )

My usage:

I want a sound card that I can have both plugged in at the same time without having to go to the back panel to switch it out everytime I want to go to speakers or headset. I use the headset and speakers equally... Headsets for gaming and speakers when watching videos and listening to music. I listen to mostly rap if that even matters.

My budget:

wouldn't like to spend more than $150 but depending on opinions, I may reconsider.

Any other insight would be greatly appreciated
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  1. jay_nar2012 said:

    So where do i plug my speakers to and my headset too? is the black a line out? and is it the same quality sound as the green plug?
  2. You connect your speakers to the back either by optical or 3.5mm, your front headphone jacks are meant to be connected to the card via the cable that connects your front panel audio ports to your mobo.
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