NOTHING on pushing power button

Hi there.

So I'm pretty stumped here. Tonight, before leaving the house I put my computer into standby. When I returned minutes ago I woke it up. To my dismay the keyboard was not responsive at all. Nothing was being typed in the password field but I had full mouse control.

I held the power button down to force shutdown and reboot. When I clicked the button again I get ABSOLUTELY nothing.

Things I have done to troubleshoot:
1. Pulled extra stick of ram (only 1 in the primary slot)
2. disconnected all unnecessary USB and case fan headers
3. disconnected GFX card.
4. disconnected all PCI cards
5. disconnected CD ROM SATA plug
6. Hard wired PSU to verify startup of PSU. CHECKS.
7. disconnected everything from the I/O panel including monitor, keyboard, and enet cables.
8. cleared CMOS with button and with jumper
9. Swapped power supply cord and verified power

After all this it's no help. I still get nothing at all. There is no lights at all on that are typically on on the mobo. Nothing at all.

Is it safe to say my mobo took a dirt nap somehow? I need someone to tell me I'm not crazy or missing something simple.

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  1. Hi, When shorting the two pins of the power supply, have you connected a fan to a molex, just to make sure it does provide 12V?
  2. Yes. some fans that are directly connected are spinning up. Hard drive is audible as well.

    I was thinking the mobo could be grounded but why would that just all the sudden become an issue when I was using the computer as is for weeks?

  3. Does the CPU fan spin as well?
  4. Well I'm running a water cooled rig with the pump triggered off the cpu fan header and the pump does not fire. The PSU is not even turning on.
  5. Then' I'd say it's a power supply issue. If you have a spare PSu or can borrow one, connect it and test.
    Or let me ask again, If connected to the motherboard and pressing the power switch, do some fans spin, but the pump?
    If no fan spins, then try disconnecting the power and reset switches and start the board by shorting the 2 power pins.
    If nothing, then it might be a motherboard issue.
  6. Yes I did check the power supply to make sure it turns on (#6 above) by jumpering it. What happens is the fans connected via molex directly to the PSU spin up and the drives are audibly spinning up too.
  7. When it is connected to the mobo NOTHING happens.
  8. Then it seems to be a motherboard issue.
  9. Guess you'll have to remove the mobo and try it on a breadboard with CPU, stick of RAM... look for something like an extra stand-off that has gradually developed a short...and if it doesn't work on the breadboard.. well, it could still be the PSU collapsing under load, but something blown on the board increasingly likely...
  10. Would the system power on without a CPU present? If the CPU was smoked would it still have lights on the mobo? How about if the stick of ram was bad?

    I bought a new PSU to test at best buy. Same thing with the new supply.
  11. Popped the mobo out of the chassis. Bench tested. Still dead. PSU swapped. Both sticks tried independantly. I think we can conclude the mobo is fried.
  12. Looking that way, especially as the light not coming on, unusual though... no signs of anything amiss beforehand, freezing etc.? Thinking overheating, but you usually get some warning....
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