GTX 670 surround ?

I have looked and looked I want to see what some Benches are with three screens on one gtx 670 I see 3 way sli setups but no single card setups. I will most likely stay at 1920x1200 but have 3 of each 1920x1080 and 1650x1050 monitors lying around and would like to just give it a go but would like to see what to expect before I set this up as it would be quite and undertaking to set this rig up and have sucky gameplay...

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    For such a resolution 5760X, a single card is not sufficient unless you want to play the games with medium quality. @ 2560X resolution it give around 30-35 FPS in most intensive GPU games. So definitely you'll need to SLI it.

    If you SLI the GTX 670, you get the same performance of GTX 690, so you might wanna have a look @ surround benches with GTX 690.

    EDIT: Anyway here's a review showing the GTX 670 in surround
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