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Logitech g710+ vs max keyboard x7

November 17, 2012 5:48:39 AM

i was gonna get the razer ultimate 2013 i love the blue switches but apparently its a piece of trash, and theirs lot of bad review on newegg recently. and the only backlit mechanical keyboard with blue switches thats kinda available in canada is the max keyboard x7, but ill have to pay extra money for weird sales taxes and stuff. but i didnt even discover that one until i discovered the logitech g710+, which is brown switches, which led me to other keyboards with the same switches which led me to the max keyboard x8 which led me to the x7 with the blues. do the browns and blues feel the same? is it just the noise thats the difference? cause if its just the noise then ill probly go for the logitech. but if its noise and feel i will probly spend the extra shipping and tax to get the x7. when i tried a normal blackwidow ( not even 2013) it felt so amazing with the blue switches, but again the the ultimate 2013 is apparently a piece of **** so i wont be buying that. i was also looking at the das keyboard proffesional s, but then since i live in canada i remembered that 60 perecnt of the year daylight ends at 5-6 pm :cry:  and it would drive me up an iceberg on my polar bear well wearing a 5 inch thick parka not having backlighting on a keyboard that im spending almost 1/5 of a grand on. which out of the x7 or logitech g710+ would be better and what switches. and is the ultimate 2013 actually bad? cause if its not it would be the cheapest out of the three and i already know how it feels.