Ibm laptop t42 wirless drivers win7

thanks for your surport
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  1. Hi :)

    You are kidding right?

    A T42 is around 10 years 7 drivers.... use a USB wireless stick instead...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. ^ -1 to that...

    Depending on which internal wireless card you have, the Lenovo support page lists some Vista drivers. If it's one of those, you may be in luck, as Vista drivers do sometimes work on Win7 (I have older peripherals that date to the XP days as well, and manually installing the Vista or even XP drivers has kept them working).
  3. you actually can use windows 7 on an ibm t42 though wouldnt recommend it if less than 1gb of ram in it

    there are actually 2 or 3 of the different wireless cards that come in the ibm t42 that will work on windows 7

    if you have the ethernet driver then use think vantage update tool to get everything else

    as far as i remember from the last time i installed windows 7 on a t42 its the graphics driver that may be the

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