Opinions Please--What Would YOU Do?

I WANT YOU! Well, mostly your opinion.

Someone has offered to trade their quad core (i7) custom rig for my older gaming laptop. The specs are:

Custom Gaming Desktop


-Intel DX58SO Motherboard


-465 GB HDD (Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit)

-ATI HD 5670

-No monitor

Gateway 17" P6860 FX Laptop

-t9300 (2.5 Ghz) CPU

-64 GB SSD (OSX Lion and Windows Vista), 320 GB HDD


-NVIDIA 8800M Graphics card (Overclockable)

My question is, would you do it? I also have a dell Optiplex 960 Mini Tower (e8400) that I was going to put an HD 7750 into and use that for my gaming rig (display is native at 1920 x 1200)--I want to play FIFA 13 at high settings and maybe BC2 in the future. What this really comes down to is getting a better CPU and a more upgradeable rig--I'm sick of all the finicky stuff that's involved with this Dell.
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  1. I would definitely take the i7 machine.
  2. I agree with jay; take the i7 machine. Those i7 920's still have plenty of kick left in them ;) Plus, you could swap out that HD5670 for a beefy GPU if you choose to do so.
  3. Take the i7 but re-install with Windows 64bit so you can upgrade RAM in the future.
  4. Thanks everyone! Looks like its unanimous--I'm doing the trade tomorrow!
  5. Somelikeitsmooth said:
    Thanks everyone! Looks like its unanimous--I'm doing the trade tomorrow!

    Wait... If the deal seems unanimous, there might be a problem.

    Check the Parts properly, before trading. There might be something fishy... Just an advice.
  6. Thank you for the advice. By unanimous I meant that everyone has agreed.

    I will give it a good once over, but these folks seem very nice and trustworthy.
  7. Hi :)

    Personally I would bite their hand off for the i7, with ONE proviso.... make SURE that Windows Ultimate is a legal one.... READ what it says on the COA sticker.... if NO sticker , you are going to be buying a LEGAL OS... so be careful...

    All the best Brett :)
  8. He is trading it so he might be getting it for free.
  9. I'm not too worried about Windows--I was interested in putting 64-bit windows 7 on it anyway.

    I have access to some retail disks for 7.

    Any other hesitations that anyone thinks I should be having?
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