GTX 570: Which brand is best

OK So I'm planning my first build and I'm going with the GTX 570 for the video card. There are so many brands. I'm only getting one and intend to add a second to SLI after a year or two. I think I've narrowed it down to the ASUS or MSI but I'm still open to suggestions. I intend on watercooling it in the future so I want a warranty that covers that. THE MSI looks better imo but thats really not important. The mobo is Sabertooth Z77 so would it be better to stick with the same brand or what..?

I'm buying off this website:

Also one more probably stupid question but when adding a second card which I intend on eventually doing , does it has to be the same card , like when I'm adding the second card will it have to be a GTX 570 also?

Thanks in Advance,
Paddy ;)
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  1. Yes it will also have to be a 570 SLI, I'm not even sure you can SLI a 570 HD with a 570, but its possible.

    ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte make the best aftermarket coolers for Nvidia graphics cards. EVGA has the best warranty and customer service imo.
  2. Hey there.
    The MSI and the Asus 570's are an excellent choice, both have excellent cooling.
    You will have no problem fitting either one on your Sabertooth as the slots are spaced out well.
    The Asus would look awesome with the Sabertooth black shroud I would go with them purely for the aesthetics. But they are larger than the MSI.
    Later on you can only SLI with another 570, it can be another brand so thats no issue there.
    How much is the 570?
    If you can save up some more I suggest a 670 , but it purely depends on your budget.
  3. Thanks for the quick answers both of you.. I have decided to go with ASUS like monsta suggested.The 670 isout of my budget and the 570 seems fine.Help much appreciated <3
  4. Not a problem its gonna look and perform sweet with the Sabertooth. .Goodluck
  5. 480 offers the same performance but costs 2/3 the price. If you overclock the 480 slightly, you'll get GTX 580 performance. Also, you could get a 7850 ($240) if power is an issue. Possibly a 7870 for $20 more than the GTX 570?
  6. Well I do eventually plan on overclocking the card when I get a custom loop in. And as for AMD cards, I've been staying away so I can take advantage of CUDA
  7. GTX 480 then. :D
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