Ivy Bridge Intel HD 4000 vs. Intel HD 2500

I'm going to be using an ASUS motherboard on my new build with Lucid Logix's Virtu MVP technology, which utilizes the IGP for more mundane tasks such as deciding what information should be sent to the user that they see while gaming, and if it's worth the extra clock cycle, while the discrete GPU is used for actually rendering images and objects. Anyways, I want to know if the Intel HD 4000 offers a significant improvement over the HD 2500. The reason being, because I'm deciding between a intel i5 3550 or a 3570K, the latter of which costs about $40 more, but has a HD 4000 IGP, while the former has a HD 2500. I don't really plan on overclocking, so the only real factor I'm looking at right now is strictly, the IGP.

Also, if anyone is able to find any benchmarks with them that would be great. I've pretty much only found (and even then it's hard to find anything) benchmarks for the 4000 on a i7.
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  1. The 4000 is significantly better than the 2500.
    For Virtu MVP performance have a look here.

    Grab the 3570K , it will perform better not only with the integrated graphics but it will be a faster cpu also , its definately worth the extra 40 bucks , especially that you can overclock it too with the unlocked K cpu.
  2. The first link did not mention anything about Virtu MVP (wrong link?), as for the 3570K alright thanks :) sounds like I shall spend the extra 40 bucks :) but the second link didn't have benchmarks for the 3570K HD 4000 or the 3550 HD 2500, and that's kinda been my issue, I can't find any benchmarks with THOSE CPUs. I guess maybe it's still a little early, but I'll be buying my new rig in the next week or so, so it sounds like I'll be going for the 3570K :)
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    Here is some benchmarks , but not with the 2500, still worth a look.,3181-5.html

    Definately get the 3570K
  4. Ya I had already read that article on Lucid Virtu MVP, but it's still a good article. Also, after looking at those benchmarks and doing some more research I can safely conclude that I shall go with the 3570K so thank you very much!
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  6. No problem , the 3750K is a good choice. Goodluck.
  7. Thanks! I can't wait to try Virtu MVP, and for the first time BF3 and GTA IV on PC! :D :D :D :D :D
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