What do I do with spare wires after installing a PSU?

I've recently installed a PSU for the first time. There's an abundance of spare wires sitting in the case(Originally the wires were much thinner which allowed for more air-flow). Now there's a pretty big air-flow decrease. What should I do with those to improve air flow? I've noticed a bit of a temperature increase.

P.S: The fan I have in the front of my computer is very dusty but I can't access it. There's a cover on the inside which allows for no access, and on the outside there's no access point.
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  1. Try and hide them or tie them together with zip ties or something.
  2. I've attempted to do so, I have them under my Disk drive tied up with Zip ties, but they're very stiff so I can't move them out of the way, and all this has done is blocked my case fan.
  3. figure out where the airflow would not be obstructed, coil tightly and cable tie into a bundle, show a picture of case if you are not sure
  4. Also, my GPU has gotten very hot lately, before it was 40-45c in the most demanding games, Skyrim, etc. But now even in very basic games like Minecraft it jumps up to 44-46c. I'll see what I can do about a picture.
  5. Looking at the pictures of the PC it looks like the case has some decent cable routing options via holes in the motherboard tray so I'd have hoped you could avoid large clumps of wires (I never manage to come up with the pristine works of art that get posted up either, so not that easy sometimes).

    Think the case you have is on the Azza website, you'll find some information and a manual there which will help you access the front fan.
  6. The problem is the wires are HUGE. If I wired it back up the way it was originally then the cover couldn't fit on.
  7. You could always cut them off although that option might cause a problem for future upgrades.
  8. I plan on upgrading it in the future, it's not quite up to date. So I have to rule that out.
  9. These are the wires of my new PSU. The ones that come with the original PSU are much thinner.
  10. Bump.
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