Why does this ALWAYS happen?

Hi there, i just got an offer for my old computer and the person who's buying it, my friend's cousin, came over to check it out. She was pleased but the inevitable happened. A graphics glitch, which makes whatever that's on the screen scatter all over and the computer just freezes. It happens at random times and i've had this problem for around a year with this computer and no one can figure out the problem, not even my IT teacher. I removed and replaced the CPU and RAM but that isn't the problem. Does anyone know what could make this happen? Mabye the built in graphics? Thanks in advance.

This is the error when i'm starting the PC up. It happens at random times though, like during a game or when i'm on the internet.
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    System specs please.
    If this is your built in Graphics then you are best to get a discreet graphics card and run the graphics off that instead.
  2. What is the video card and what is the power supply? Also motherboard and cpu and ram. Since we are not there to see the computer you have to at least let us know what's inside.
  3. Ok here are my specs:

    Motherboard: Asrock n68-S
    Built in Graphics: Nvidia 7025
    CPU: Amd Athlon X2 245
    RAM: 2GB DDR2
    PSU: Omega 500w (20a on +12 volt rail)

    @monsta I have an ATI 5770 but i can't try that now because on this PSU there isn't a cable for the front of the GPU.
  4. All you need is a molex to 6 pin convertor to plug into the card from the psu., you can get these on ebay cheap.

    Get one and try out your 5770, its a waste for it to not be used.

    Update to the latest driver from Nvidia for your integrated graphics , and see if it helps.
    But get that 5770 sorted!
  5. Sorry for the late reply. I tried my dad's ATI 4350 and the error stopped. I used it for 15 hours straight, not a single error, or slowdown. Usually the error happens around 5 minutes within using the pc. Today i took it out because my dad had to use it and my computer's been running long hours, around 10 hours and it's working great. I can't play any games though, but that won't be a problem since the person who's buying it just wants it for music and internet. I have a feeling the error might come back but it's working great for now :) Thanks for all your help, much appreciated!
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