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Hello all, recently put together a new system w/965BE, 8GB DDR3, 2x64GB m4 SSD Raid 0, 2x500GB WD Blue Raid 1, on an ASRock 970 Extreme3. Huge improvements over the Q6600, 8GB DDR2, single 500 GB WD Blue.

I decided to hold on to the GDDR5 Radeon 6670 I was using in that system as the max my 21" CRT supports is 1280x1024. I'm playing Civ 5, StarCraft II, Oblivion, and The Witcher Enchanced Ed. on max or near max settings at this resolution (2xAA, 4xAF) with smoothness.

However, I want to get a newer 1920x1080 capable eIPS LCD panel, obviously to run the higher resolution for Blue-Ray, other HD video, and games. I know the 6670 will handle the video and media just fine at that
resolution, but I'm thinking games will be a hurdle.

I've got a Cooler Master RC 430 Elite case w/a 450W Cooler Master Bronze PSU, which includes a 6-pin PCIe connector.

What is the best current DirectX11 card that requires only the 6-pin connector? I'm thinking something like a 7770Ghz Edition or a 560Ti. I'm vendor agnostic (AMD or Nvidia) as long as the manufacturer is reputable on quality and service.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. The AMD Radeon HD 7850 is a single 6pin, and a fair bit more powerful than the 7770's.
  2. Was just checking Newegg...

    You are correct Fire Lancer, the 7850 only requires a 6-pin connection. The 560Ti appears to require two 6-pin connections.

    Looks like my options are 7770Ghz or 7850 on sale (they're still $250 a piece, even for the wung-fung-chu brands). Thanks for the input, now I have a direction.
  3. Does the power supply have only one 6 pin connector? The 560Ti is a much higher level card than the 7770 so you would be much better off with the 560Ti.,3107-7.html

    The 560Ti does want a 500w psu with 30a on the +12v rail and your psu is 450w with 35a on the +12v rail so it should work because you have the amps on the +12v rail which is important.
    The 560Ti will come with an adaptor to connect a molex pin to make it a 6 pin for the cards second connector.
  4. Yes, it is the Cooler Master GX450 I believe? Was part of a combo deal with the case (really scored for the price, case leaves a little to be desired on quality, but can't complain at $75 for both).

    And yes, 35A single 12v rail. Looks like a 560Ti could work with Molex adapters...

    In your opinion, would I be better off waiting for something like a 660Ti/650Ti as they have lower power requirements for similar models vs. the 5x0GTX series? Been using Radeon HDs for a while (since the 2000 series) because of price and power constraints in previous systems. In fact, the last Nvidia card I used was a vanilla 6800, which I only replaced two years ago (when I picked up the system with the Q6600 as it did not do AGP). Since then I've used a 2400 Pro (OEM Dell), 5450 DDR3 1GB, and the 6670 GDDR5 1GB. I've read many good things about the Fermi based Nvidia cards as far as features go, and the 6xx series appears to be the best of this lineup.

    I should add, I've got a month or two to save for the new LCD and GPU. If something like a 660Ti/650Ti comes out that I can use at $250 or under, it may be a better deal.

    Keep suggestions coming!
  5. Waiting is always an option and if it's something that you are willing to do then by all means do so. The only thing is we don't know the order of cards that will be released and when so if you are going to wait then be prepared to wait on thier schedule.
    Upgrading the power supply is also an option and one that should be considered because you currently have a 450w which is on the low wattage side and it would be good to have a little breathing room as you aare now finding out how important a good watts power supply is.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'm really not looking to upgrade the PSU anytime soon (unless it fails!). In the coming months as I save for video and monitor upgrades I'll keep an eye on Tomshardware and similar sites for the mid-range Nvidia series to come out.
  7. There will always be an announcement of a new card release and testing before you see the card in the stores.
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