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I have a sony mp3 player and software on my computer but I have recently installed windows7 and since then its messed things up and I can`t copy my cd`s to my there an updated sony mp3 system I can download :o
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  1. There's no need to start two threads for the same problem. I know you're a first-time user, just remember for next time. Now, about that software...
    Which model is it? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software? Also, right-click on it (either the executable or a shortcut to the program) and click "Troubleshoot Compatibility" to start the Win7 wizard that can walk you through these kinds of problems.
  2. your mp3 player can not be recognized by win7? if yes. use google search a suitable drive, then install it.
  3. Bug test bumpity bump.
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