How can recover windows 7 original operating system which is formated if we inst

help me to recover my original windows 7 operating system if i installed a new pyrated one.
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  1. You can't
  2. We don't discuss pirated (illegal) software. read rules of the forum.
  3. SOL. Why would you do that anyway?
  4. User the recovery disks that came with the system, or from the restore partition of the computer. If you don't have either available, you can contact the PC vendor for a disk set, but will probably have to pay for that.
  5. price_th said:
    SOL. Why would you do that anyway?

    Hi :)

    I suspect the WGA tool found the pirate version...and just wait until MS change the tool again to find all those Ultimates lollll thats going to be fun :)

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Combine the the human qualities of cheap, stupid, and the larceny of wanting something for nothing (variation is MS is big and rich I am entitled to steal from them) and you get a reason. Ssjensheer I suggest you purchase an OEM version and clean install it on a formatted drive. Of all the software a system uses you would think people would want their OS to be secure. BTW it is not so hard to embed malware ito a pirated version of the OS. GL to you.
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