Cooling an I5 at 4.5ghz

Will a Corsair H100 be enough to cool an I5 at 4.5 ghz in a push-pull configuration
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  1. Most likely but it is individual CPU dependent!
  2. I was aiming at a general statement
  3. in most cases they will
  4. YES! I'm using a H60 p/p and it is fine! Of course that's an I5 2500k @4500. Clearly a H100 which I have on my FX8350 @4.6Ghz cools extremely well.
  5. Most likely, yes, but which i5 it is is important, too.

    A H100 is extreme overkill for 4.5 on a 2500K (a Hyper 212 Evo will easily accomplish that), but it's just about right for 4.5 on a 3570K (with a possibility for slightly higher. Talking 24/7 OC's here).

    Edit: Just now noticed that you have a 3570K.
  6. Here is my plan: take my 3570 and oc the base clock to 3500 and the turbo to 4500 and slapping an h100 cooler on it.
  7. well i have a z68 version of it so you would need to update the bios on it to use it with a 3570k, but its very nice not one problem with it
  8. So does my plan look solid
  9. Uhm why would you want to turbo it to there?? Why not just a standard OC to 4.5??

    Anyway back to topic, I am running an I5 3570K at 4.6GHz, max temps under prime 83 degrees C. Slightly hot but normal for little Ivy.

    So I am very sure your H100 could do 4.5GHz no problem.
  10. I will be doing that to reduce power consumption and to reduce the possibility of damaging it
  11. you will get much better performance out of a standard oc at 4.2ghz than a turbo boost to 4.5
  12. How?
  13. gamerguy319 said:
    I will be doing that to reduce power consumption and to reduce the possibility of damaging it

    The chances of damaging it with decent cooling and a slow and steady OC to 4.5GHz are slim to none.

    I doubt you could achieve stability with a turbo in that range. Then again, nver gave it a try.

    New project!!! Booojah...
  14. So...change of topic, would my i5 bottleneck 2660ti's
  15. no most if not all games are bottlenecked by gpu performance, but id advice a 670 over two 660tis
  16. Ummm i can only afford 1 660ti right now and will be adding another in the future
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