Can I get water cooling?

I have got the Sharkoon T9 Value case, and the EVGA 660 SC.
What I'm asking is, would I be able to get radiator that mounts on the exhaust fan or would the the graphics card prevent it due to clearance?

I took some pictures of the fan and graphics card so you can see the clearance:

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  1. If you have a 120mm exhaust fan, it should mount on many water cooled radiators without any issues. You'll have to measure the clearance with surrounding cards and check the specs carefully before you order.
  2. Looks like it should fit to me. Which kit are you looking at? I have this one, it can get loud, but is effective I would recommend this one too its on sale and is a good deal.
  3. Ah, okay thanks.
    I was looking at one of the H series by Corsair? I'm not sure which one, maybe the H60?
  4. Right, first off we don't know what you are cooling here so we can't give any advice as to what will be enough for your needs,
    check out the Watercooling sticky at the top of the section to get yourself some ground knowledge,
    but in general we don't recommend any of the allinone loops other than the H100 (the double rad one)
    but we need to know what you intend to cool, your budget and your expectations from the cooling solution,
    Your case isn't the best for W/c but with a little lateral thinking and maybe some tooltime you can modify it to purpose,
    but for now, don't buy anything, read and figure a couple of things out from the sticky and then come back with what you've learned,
    We will help, but its more beneficial to you if we help you learn :)
  5. What I'll be cooling my i7 2600, which I want to overclock if I can find out.
    I made a thread asking for help with overclocking but it's not been answered yet.
    That's all I'll be cooling unless you think it's worth while/possible for me to cool my 660.
    I use my PC mainly for gaming and my room's often quite warm.
    What alternatives is there to the all in one loops?
    I couldn't find the sticky, what category is it in?
    I've a lot on right now but I'll check in later :)
  7. Thanks, I'll read that through :)
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