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how to control the size of the window

Dear Friends

Can any one kindly guide me how to control the size of the window, because now the right hand top corner gets hidden behind the frame and my cursor cannot reach either closing sign or side scroller for moving up and down

Thanks and regards
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  1. Assuming its windows 7, double click the titlebar. That will maximize the window.
  2. hello and welcome!

    Basically it is adjusted with moniter configuration buttons as you can see it on moniter where it is located. Try to adjust from there.
  3. assuming you're using windows 7: you can right click on the taskbar empty area and select one of the following -
    cascade windows
    show windows stacked
    show windows side by side
    one of these will bring down the windows size to a preset level. from there you can rezise by dragging window borders
    or right click on a title bar, select 'size', use keybpard arrows to resize the windows.
    iirc on xp, you can use 'cascade windows' and then resize.
  4. Let me try the instructions and revert. Meanwhile many thanks for taking time to help. Regards
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  7. Set the window to the required size, hold down CTRL and close the window. It will then open the position it was closed.
  8. anort3 said:
    Do not post your email in an open international forum. It will show up in google searches and you will get spam.

    Many thanks for this useful advice
  9. I am unable to draw window to required size. Particularly the right side margin cannot be reached.Rgds
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    you could try this:
    if you can right click on a title bar (or press alt+space bar to bring up the title bar right click menu): right click > select 'size' > press right arrow > press left arrow/hold it down till the right margin comes to view > press esc key to let go.
    make sure you resize the last window. doing it on the last window will make the rest of the windows (explorer) open at the same size/position next time you open them.
    i use this every time a window stretches beyond monitor's edge and mouse's reach.
    if you have aero enabled, just drag the window to one of the desktop edges, the window will resize itself. for example, drag a window to the top edge, it will become maximized.
  11. Thanks for detailed instructions. I shall try and revert
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  13. Dear Sir,
    I tried your instructions and have succeeded in managing the size of the display window now. Thanks a lot. Best regards.
    A N S
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