Grphics card not being detected

I'm having an issue with my PC not detecting the graphics card I've tried installing the drivers, disabling onboard graphics and enabling the pciEX through bios but the system still cant detect it and everything seems to be hooked up correctly. Its an ASUS GTX580 DirectCU II and the motherboard is a Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4.
any help would be much appreciated
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  1. First, you shouldn't have to enable the PCIe slots. Second, do you have your GPU's external power (PCIe power) cable connected to it? What make and model of PSU are you using? Last, have you tried the new GPU in another computer?
  2. What is the power supply? Does it have the Pci-e 6 and 8 pin connectors? Hvae you made sure your not connecting the cpu's 8 pin atx power cable to it and instead of the 8 pin pci-e cable.
  3. The cards connected properly, I don't have another computer to try the card in
    and the PSU is a COOLER MASTER EXTREME POWER+ 700W V2.3
  4. You do have the video card in the first full slot nearest to the cpu socket? I would also take out the card and reseat it making sure that it's seated all the way into the slot.
  5. Do you have the monitor hooked to the new card, not the onboard graphics?

    do you have another computer you can test it in to make sure the GPU isn't DOA?
  6. The cards power is connected properly the right cable is connected to the PSU lights on the card come on and the fans spin its seated all the way into the slot.
    Ive tried connecting the monitor to the card but I cant get signal and I cant try it in a different PC.
  7. Will the monitor detect the connection automaticly or do you have to select the input type? Are you using DVI or HDMI and is the cable ok and not defective , do you have another cable to try to verify. Are you sure that the slot on the motherboard is not defective , is this an upgrade and have you had a video card in the slot before?
  8. The monitor and cables work fine Ive tried both DVI and HDMI. Its a completely new PC that I had built and shipped to me.
  9. So there is no way to tell if the first slot is working correct ? Cna you try putting the card in another full sized slot just to see if it's recognized ?
  10. the card is to big to fit in the other slot.
  11. You do need to find a way to either test the card and/or the slot to see if both are working or if one of them is not.
  12. I bought a cheap graphics card and it didn't work in the slot either.
  13. When you said that you had this computer built for you and then sent to you what exactly are the circunstances as far as warranty goes? Will you be able to return the motherboard for a RMA? Is it a company that builds computers that built it for you?
    If the new video card that you just bought does not work then you will need to RMA the motherboard or if it's a company that builds computers then they will have to take the whole thing back and fix it which might be the best idea in case it's something else that is the problem.
  14. I will have to send the whole computer back to the company and have the motherboard replaced and have it reassembled.
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