[New Build] Decent Gaming Build?

I'm upgrading from my last gaming rig so I just wanted to get a few opinions.
AMD Phenom 955 x4 3.2Ghz
Foxconn A76ML-K 3.0 AM3
500gb Seagate 7200.9RPM HDD
nVidia Geforce 9500GT 1gb 128bit
350w PSU
SilenX EFZ-92HA3 Fan and Heatsink
And some Arctic Silver Thermal Compund.
I've spent about $250.00 on it considering I didnt have to buy a PSU or Video Card.
I was also wondering if my PSU is powerful enough.
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  1. Is that your new one or old?? If it is your new than no if it isnt than do this

    CPU-i3-2120 or i5-3570k
    Mobo-GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 or GA-Z77-UD5H(only compatible with the i5)
    120 gb ssd
    1 tb wd hdd
    GPU- GTX 480 or 7850
    Psu-you need a 600watt for the first and like 500watt for the second
    Hyper 212 evo
    no hdd cooler needed
    good compound
  2. This is the new one. So the 350w wont run it?
  3. Well the system wont run anything lol
  4. Why not?
  5. The graphics card is way old the only good amd cpus are fx in my opinion I would use my build or else you will not be happy with your upgrade.
  6. Well im not going to be major gaming. I dont yearn for Ultra settings on games too. WEll considering my old build was..
    AMD Athlon 64x2 3400+
    3gb RAM
    Onboard Video
    160GB HDD
    SO I thought it would be alot better. considering I'm only spending $250
  7. Oh thent he 550 ti is 4 u
  8. 550 ti?
  9. Yeah
  10. I mean what does ti stand for?
  11. ti is better than no ti but what it stands fir idk.
  12. Yeah soooooo
  13. Soo?
  14. Is that it is your build? post what you have decided so far.
  15. Oh Ya I've already purchased it all. I just wanted an opinion. Im waitiing for it all to arrive.
  16. Oh okay.
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