OCZ ZX Series 1000W vs Corsair 1050W HX

I am stuck on these two PSU's. Which one is better?

My rig
I5 3570K Oc'd to 4.6ghz
z77 mpower MB
r7970 lightning (soon to be oc)
8gb ram
256gb smasung 830 ssd
thermaltake chaser mk 1

I may Crossfrire in the future.


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  1. Im in the uk and corsiar I can get for £140 but its the silver rated one

    Wheras the OCZ I can get for £135 but its gold rated
  2. Hx all the way. It's a great PSU. It wont fail you .

    Just 1 thing that is to much Power :)
  3. Corsairs are great but myself, I like Antecs, Seasonics, and PC power and cooling (although I've never been able to afford one).


    Or you can really bust out the money and buy this thing: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703037
    It's like the king of PSU's you'd have it forever, you could probably be buried with it. Seriously though, a 750w would run two of those cards well, but it's nice to have a big space between what your machine needs for power and what your unit can safely deliver.
  4. the corsairs is actually gold rated there just modest an downgraded the rating to silver.
  5. I would go with one from Seasonic, but if you have to choose between those two, go with the Corsair.
  6. i have the OCZ that you mentioned there, I got it on sale at NCIX a few months ago for $90 so I couldn't pass it up. However, Corsair is a more reputable brand so if the prices are comparable then I'd go with the Corsair..
  8. what the hell do you need 1K watts for?!?

    but back to your q:
    Reviews - Corsair HX1050 1050W
    Reviews - OCZ ZX 1000W

    now back to your wattage, you do realize that PSUs take a big nose dive in efficiency when below 20% load. and at idle, where your rig will mostly be at, i cannot see more than 150 watts being used. so after you spend $200 for a silver/gold rated PSU; you will be getting the efficiency of a 80+ rated . . . not even bronze.

    take a look at the "low load" tests in each review . .80% and 81%

    edit: you can spend half the amount for a quality bronze 750 watt psu and have $100 towards another 7970.
  9. ^ This. 1000 watts + is for 3 x HD 7970s not 2. A quality 750-800w unit is what you need.
  10. remember gold silver etc. have nothing to do with quality, just electrical efficiency, and difference between any of those model is extremely small, even in power starved europe
  11. 3x7970 consume at peak 592 W of power. So 1000W u dont need them.

    Again bettwen those 2 corsair is bette.

    IMO u should get e a good 750-850 W Psu.
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