Is this a good build for a budget of $700?

MOBO: Asus Socket AM3+/ AMD 970 ATX Motherboard (M5A97)

CPU: AMD FX 4170 4.2Ghz

GPU: HIS 7850 IceQ X 2GB

PSU: Corsair Builder Series CX600

HDD: WD Caviar Blue 500gb 7200rpm

RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8gb DDR3 1600mhz

Case: Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower ATX

Are there any compatibility issues with this build? Do I have enough power to run this build? Does the mobo have HDMI, or VGA?

Total Price: $695.52
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    assuming you already have windows 7 here is my take on the build
  2. A dual core processor? I thought dual cores were really old and slow?
  3. What are you using the computer for? Dual core is doesn't make that big of a difference if you are gaming. You wan't max processing speed out of your CPU for that. Cores are for multitasking.
  4. I want to use this computer for gaming mostly but school work too.
  5. ooh you fell for the core myth and the frequency myth!!

    the i3 2120 beats the fx chip easily in games. very fast too for most tasks. if you have about 80 more bucks, id get a i5 3450 CPU and a msi h77ma-g43 motherboard.

    the i5 will obliterate the fx in games all while using 2/3 as much power
  6. Is the i3-2120 compatible with that first mobo I picked?
  7. ??
  8. no, but you can get a decent H61 board cheap
  9. How about this board?

    And with this setup now what kind of psu will I need to power it?
  10. Yup, it will work with that mobo, but if you're getting a Z68 board, might as well get an i5-2400/other low-end i5.
  11. What kind of psu do I need to power this thing?
  12. 600W is plenty.
  13. Ok thanks everybody!
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  15. The 3570k is what I run. It is blazing fast. I think it is a good CPU for a budget.
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