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Hi all ! I would like to ask on behalf on my CPU as i would like to upgrade it to a smooth gaming pc but with a budget price.
but the thing is that it doesn't run smoothly like just 2 programs open and it started to lag a little and also some games example minecraft, it doesn't run smoothly at all even a 2D games like maplestory but i'm sure it wont go smoothly for FPS games too and i've have no idea on what i should upgrade it or change it. This is a rather a 2nd handed usage and i just got it from my uncle so i don't know much about its specs before i brought it back home. I would prefer to buy the parts that would go smooth and fast and could run on such games like L.O.L and other FPS games even a simple games too.

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz 3.19 GHz
Ram: 1.00GB
System type: 32-bit Operating system
Window 7 Ultimate.

Please Help me recommend me a product which you think is suitable for my type but i don't need it to be a perfect and powerful, but just a normal simple
product should do to boost my cpu to a good one.
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  1. What is your video card? Can you afford a new cpu/board/ram change? Finally need a firm budget and link a vender if you live in India, etc.
  2. Video card: Intel(R) 82945G express Chipset family. It depends whether the board or ram or etc requires changes then maybe i may slowly buying it. I live in singapore.
  3. YOU WILL need new CPU, RAM, motherboard and DEFINITELY a discreet graphics card.

    You will probably need a new Power supply as well.

    What Power supply do you have???

    I would say if you are on an extreme budget. Start by getting an AMD HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 Graphics card and some DDR2 RAM 2GB(if you can find any).
  4. Hmm well for the power supply i can't know much as i'm not a entirely sure about what power supply i'm using. So the only thing i need to change is the graphics card and the ram then ??
  5. NO! If you do not have a decent power supply it would be pointless, open your case and check the wattage.
  6. I say you need to build a new rig. Sorry to say, but you really do. I would save up to buy a whole new rig all at once.
  7. You can't upgrade that computer. It's just far too old. You need to save for a new computer.
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