How much should i spend on a case?

I was planning on building a cheap budget gaming pc, its my first build so i am not going ott. How much should i spend on a case if am going to have a rough total of 600 pounds?

i don't mind about things like usb 3.0, i would prefer better looks, and airflow doesn't matter hugely becuase i am not going to be building a monster of a system.

So how much ?

thanks in advance
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  1. I used to buy cases based on the looks but I've finally learnt to not do that! Problem is that you see photographs taken by professional photographers in perfect lighting conditions and then probably touched up in Photoshop too. Colour, finish etc never looks as good unless you also have perfect natural lighting where you're using it. If you're determined to choose one based on looks, at least look at photos people have taken of the case sitting on their desk. Then you'll be seeing it in a more realistic light. As for cost, Coolermaster Storm Enforcer is very highly reviewed for build quality, cooling/noise, ease of installation etc and can be had as low as £60, maybe lower if you find a deal.
  2. i was hoping to spend more like 30-40 pounds on case like the cit vantage type r because in my mind a case is a case i things like ease of use and size don't really mind once everything is in
  3. You can get some fine mid tower cases for about 40$ they would do the trick it really depends on your system specs so that i can recommend a specific model.
  4. i was thinking i5 3570k with hyper 212, hd 7850, asrock extreme 4 motherboard, a ocz power supply (can't remember the exact model), and i am not gonna use more then a ssd and a hdd.

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