Gateway nv53 display driver problems

Obviously, I own a Gateway NV53 laptop. This thing is a beast but lately my display driver has been crashing. My screen will flash black, then have some sort of striped pattern, which varies in color and size and orientation of stripes each time. Sometimes it "recovers" and in the corner it will state that my display drive has crashed but recovered. Sometimes, it doesn't recover, and either stays completely black or restarts my computer. Which sucks, especially when I'm in the middle of doing school work. It says my display driver is updated and operating fine. I read someone had a similar problem and it said to download a new version for my WAN driver, so I did that. It hasn't crashed since, however, I literally installed the new WAN driver like 10 minutes ago so it may be too soon to tell. If anyone can give me any advice, it would be appreciated. I've only had this gateway for a little over 2 years and I don't want to get a new one considering I'm a college student and money is tight.

Thank you!
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  1. Also I have no idea if I posted this in the right area lol
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