Performance issues with no culprit--help?

I've been experiencing low frame rates in games where I exceed the recommended system reqs. After looking at my cpu/gpu temps/load it looks to me as if they aren't doing much work at all. Is there a reason this might be happening?

Resetting the computer typically resolves the problem(it occurs again later), but I don't think this should be happening so I'd like to stop it if at all possible.

Here are my specs:

Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
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  1. Recommended system requirements means you can run it on medium What game,resolution and on low medium high or ultra
  2. Recently, a game called Smite and another called Tribes: Ascend. I used to run Tribes on Very High settings with no problem, (60-90 fps) and smite runs well on most machines really, (I was getting 100+ fps) but then it locks at 20-30 fps.

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