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Hello, I'm a Mac user looking to switch to a PC for my motion graphics work. I mostly work in After Effects (and other Adobe apps) and Cinema 4D. 3D rendering out of Cinema 4D is important, but I think that the speed of my day-to-day work, especially in After Effects, is probably the top priority. So I'm not sure whether I should build a Xeon machine with extra cores, or buy a fast i7 chip.

I've been looking at this i7 3930K:

vs two of these Xeon E3-1270 V2 chips:


Though other recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to keep the total cost of my build in the low $2000 range.

Another note: I'll be setting up a render farm for C4D with my iMac, which has a quad i7 chip. So, assuming I can make a Mac-PC render farm work properly, I'll have some extra render horsepower there. In the future I'll probably add some small PC render nodes, as well. So is my gut instinct to go with the i7 over the Xeon probably the one to listen to? Is anybody aware of issues when using i7 chips on render farms? I've only ever done it with Xeon Mac Pros.
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  1. I would recommend the 2x Xeons for a couple reasons, you will be able to handle more thread than the i7, also they are a bit cheaper together. The fast i7 isn't as good b/c first there won't be as many threads possible and also the xeons are clocked about the same as the i7. There are no problems (to my knowledge) of render farm problems w/the i7 but i would prefer the 2x Xeons for that stated reasons above. If anything resort to your gut feeling.
  2. Thanks Burritobob. Somebody just pointed out to me that the Xeons I'm looking at are LGA 1155, so I can't double them up. Guess I'm out of luck there?
  3. Two of these chips would be in my price range (though I'd be looking at a few hundred dollars more vs. going with the i7). The big drawback is they're clocked at 2.0 ghz.


    Anybody think that this would be the better way to go? Judging by benchmarks, I'd get a bit of an improvement in my renders, maybe, but I suspect that working in After Effects would be quite a bit slower.

    I'm new to all this, though, so definitely looking for insight.
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