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Hey guys, I just made this account after using this website to help decide what parts I should buy to put together my first custom gaming rig. The goal of the computer is basically just to run high end games (everything from FPS to MMOs) as well as allow me to program on it for my comp-sci courses. If I could get some feedback on how good the parts/computer as a whole is for those goals, it would be much appreciated. (Note: I'm on a strict $1000 budget, and the total as is comes to $980.00)

Case: cooler master storm enforcer

Extra case fan: cooler master 200mm megaflow

MoB: ASRock z68 extreme3 gen3

CPU: intel core i5-2500k sandy bridge 3.3ghz

Heatsink: cooler master hyper 212

HDD: 1TB western digital

video card: GeForce GTX 560 Ti FPB (Fermi)

Disk drive : sony optiarc

RAM: Kingston hyperx 8GB(2x 4b)

PSU: OCZ fatality 750w modular

Thanks in advance for any tips!
(if this is in the wrong section my bad, this looked to be the most relevant forum section)
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  1. If not CF/SLIng, get the Pro3.
  2. azeem40 said:
    If not CF/SLIng, get the Pro3.

    sorry azeem but im kinda a noob haha, which part has a pro3 model? XD im assuming its either my GPU or MoB
  3. Motherboard.
  4. Hmmm, by Pro3 im assuming you're talking about
    the only difference between the two i can find is that the Pro3 doesnt support CF/SLI, what makes it $10 more?
  5. I see now, you are a Canadian. I made that post assuming you were from the USA, where the Pro3 is cheaper.
  6. wait no, i am from the US haha, the listed price for those two boards when i look it up is 129.99 and 139.99, the 139 being the pro3
  7. oh, because im an idiot and somehow ended up on new-egg Canada even though im American haha, sorry bout that
  8. alrighty i've added that in, besides that does everything look good? nothing overlooked or cheeped out on?
  9. There is one thing. For one 560ti, you won't need 750W. A quality 550W PSU like the XFX PRO550 is enough.
  10. okay, i know where i can get a very good 550w power supply for pretty cheep, thanks a bunch for the advice :D
  11. Anytime. Just ask here if you have more questions. :)
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