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PSU to Graphics Card Question

Hello all,
I know this is a totally noob question and I can't quite find an exact answer for it. I just recently put together my first rig and it includes an Antec HCG-750 and an EVGA Geforce gtx 670 ftw edition graphics card. Coming out of the PSU, there are pci-e connectors which are 6+2. My graphics card accepts two 6 pin connectors. My question is: is it safe to install the 6+2 connectors directly coming from the PSU to my graphics card's 6 pin connectors? I know that the extra 2 pins on each connector won't be in use. Is this ok/recommended?


edit: my other alternative would be molex connectors with 4 pin adapters
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    yes its fine.
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    Yes...its fine..

    molex to the 6 pin pcie power adapter is not recommended..
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