Upgrade from Geforce 560 (non Ti)

I knew when I bought the 560 few months ago that it was a stop gap solutions until the newer cards come out. The time has come to upgrade the card.

I know I said that I wouldn't go back to radeon, but as long as it has the HDMI port w/ HDCP, i'm willing to go back.

Now, I am playing WOW, Diablo 3 (at least will be), witcher 2, civ 5, want to start playing BF3, etc.

I got a 24 inch samsung LED monitor and @ 1080p resolution (no dvi port if I remember correctly) as well as 8gb of RAM and intel i5 2500k processor. I also have a corsair TX750W power supply.

Since I set a budget of around 400 dollars canadian, I am looking at the following cards:

AMD Radeon 7850 or 7870
AMD Radeon 7950
Nvidia Geforce 670 (if I can find one).

I want to keep the card for at least a year and not planning to SLI or crossfire (I could though).

Stock could be an issue with the 670, thus I am leaning towards the Radeon card.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Read the reviews from toms hardware on this site, until AMD drops its price this is a no brainer in my opinion. The 670 is hands down the best card for the money out there. If you have no patience then get the 7950 but when it drops $50 to $80 in price in a few weeks you'll be kicking yourself.
  2. The place up here I'm probably going to buy the video card (memory express) have $20 off or more on the 7950/7970 but prices up here in canada are usually more expensive up here and the 670 is almost impossible to get.
  3. Well, to feel a nice upgrade from your current card is to grab at least HD 7950, but since GTX 670 is very competing with HD 7970 @ stock speeds and cost lower, this will be a nice upgrade for you.

    If you can find a GTX 670 go for it, if not just grab a HD 7970.
  4. go for the gtx 670 its an good card nearly comparable towards the gtx 680.:)

    its under your budget it has better cooling and overclocking.:)

    its an gigabyte windforce x3
  5. Pulled a trigger on the evga geforce gtx 670 from memory express but got a call that it is backordered (thought it was in stock) and they weren't sure when they would get it back. So I cancelled the order and back to square one and thinking about getting the 7950 or 7970 since I can get them now but not sure yet. Also, the direct canada link says it wasn't available. again back to square one.

    Could the 7950 be great for at least 1 or 2 years? I am done buying a mid range or lower price cards that only good for a few months until I get stutters, lag & slowdowns in game.

    Keep in mind that I am going from a regular 560.
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    HD 7970 will be very competing unless you get a HD 7950 and OC it. But still the main problem is that GTX 670 is the best bang for buck.
  7. I know it is but if it's going to be out of stock for months, what's the point.
  8. So your best option to get right now is the HD 7970.
  9. NVM. Memory Express (want to buy it from in canada) has them back in stock and has this

    eVGA GeForce GTX 670 SuperClocked 2GB PCI-E w/ Dual DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort for 419.99 and will pick it up.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  10. GL with your purchase.
  11. Thanks. There is one left in stock now (2 or 3 before) so it am sure it went through this time.

    Imagine If I didn't buy it tonight and checked to see if it's available in the morning it would've said sold out.
  12. if u can then get this one really good one and its on stock sorry for previous one that was out of stock.:)
  13. Last update, It has shipped but now I hope I didn't get one of the bad evga 670 SC cards that are bad.

    Thanks again for the help
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