Advice wanted on buying new gaming pc for <1000$

I've had my current computer for about 4 years and am now looking to purchase a new one. I would like to be able to play most current games (Skyrim, CS:GO etc..) on medium/high settings smoothly. I am very clueless when it comes to computers so i am not sure what to look for. What would you all recommend i buy? I can't pay over 1k currently and building one isn't an option.

Thank you all very much in advance.

Edit: Did a bit of searching and found :
What do you think of it?
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  1. This one is slightly cheaper (open box though) and and has a better processor and GPU.
  2. Unfortunately newegg doesn't ship internationally so there not really an option (Aussie here). Are there any others you would recommend that would be available down under? If not do you think the PCCG system is the way to go? Also would these systems would be able to run most modern games comfortably?
    Thanks for the response and sorry for bombarding you with questions!
  3. You would be much better off building the computer yourself. For the price, wouldn't recommended. Granted Australia has much higher prices, you could do much better with a custom build.

    Check out my $650 build here:
    Switch the 6870 with the cheapest 7850 in Australia and you'll be more than solid.

    Price when converted to Aust. prices, the total should be around $750 before the OS. Build your comp is easy honestly, check out Newegg's build guide:
  4. Ah, well... then the one you linked should be fine enough then. :)
  5. PCCG is one of the best in australia, you can custom build there if you wish and add the 99 dollar build fee (they only started systems last month but have been an aussie favourite for years with a good reputation) if you want them to throw it all together, failing that umart have systems or custom builds or msy
  6. oh not sure if i can post other forums but check our whirlpool forums, it has everything you need to know about aussie shops and builds
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