AMD Phenom II X4 to hot?

I built a new computer with the AMD Phenom II X4 965 cpu. I did have a DOA Motherboard so I sent it back so I had to slightly mess up the thermal grease on the cpu. Now when I am rendering video the CPU is staying at ~70% and the cpu temp is hovering just over 59C.

Is this too hot? will it mess up my computer?

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  1. No. You can reach 65c under load briefly and still be ok. Cleaning and reinstalling new thermal paste might drop your temps a few degrees, but if it's running smooth now, I would leave it alone. Static discharge damage can occur anytime you handle components. I worked at Dell several times and we had to wear esd straps at all times.
  2. Hmm not really TO hot but close to its limit (65oc) . 55oc is about as much as i'd let that CPU go

    I would clean both HS/CPU of all current thermal grease, and reapply

    I Have 50oc 'BF3 several hours' with an 3.8ghz overclock @ 1.4 something volts. so 59oc at stock seems a lil high. unless you're using Stock heatsink and fan then that could be the norm, though considering you admit thermal grease might of been a mess i would start with a clean(both CPU/Heatsink) and reapply some more.
  3. I am wondering though if the cpu might be kind of hot becuase it is only a 70% load and I have 3 stock case fans, stock cpu fan and 2 extra corsair fans. and no overclock. I will take and re due the thermal grease, but while I am waiting for that to ship and get here would it be okay to take and still do video editing? (I was planing on doing 20+ hours this weekend) or is there a way to just get the cpu to run at 50%?
  4. i had the same problem with my phenom II x4 965 with the stock cooler, if you are using the stock cooler i would recommend getting an aftermarket cooler
  5. any good ones that you would recommend? I was thinking of getting the corsiar hydro series h100 for colling but I dont know if that is good enough or to much.

    any Ideas?
  6. That cooler is a good one and will be much better than the stock heatsink. Those cpus run warm, especially when overclocking. I have mine under water, but it runs 100% 24/7. I recently got a Coolermaster 212Evo for my 3770k and I like it a lot for the money.
  7. I use the smaller version of the 212 the TX3 on my CPU and it's great. Since your CPU has a higher clock than mine I'd recommend the 212 EVO as well, espically if you want to jack up your multiplier later on. I recently threw one on my friends 965 and it runs some where around 40C at load I think (mine tops out around 35C when I'm gaming but I run ALOT of case fans too).
  8. Okay so it sounds like i will need to take and change the cpu fan. but with all of these differnt types do you have to change the mount for each one?

    And untill then can/should I process video or should I not do that?

    Thanks for all the replies
  9. The 212 uses it's own back plate. I didn't look at the pictures before I did it but take a minute or two to decipher the Chinese instructions and it goes on pretty easily. Basically your just removing the motherboard, and screw in the new backplate.
  10. can I still process video though? is 59-60c to hot?

    This is what I am really worried about

    thanks though I will be getting a new CPU fan.
  11. 60c will be fine. If it was over 65C, I would say no.
  12. Thanks I will get back with results when I have tested it.


    Is 65c a general rule of thumb for processors?
  13. Intel allows up to 72c on it's new sandy bridge and ivy bridge cpus, but 65 is safe.
  14. It is for Amd chips though,
    I'd check your chips voltage in bios, manually set it to a low as possible setting, theres a huge temperature difference between a chip on 1.325v and one on 1.4v but you should be able to run it on the lower setting lowering the temps easily,
    Check out the Black edition overclocking guide in the overclocking section to help you if you don't know how to alter your Vcore
  15. So i checked out the black edition guide for overclocking and they didn't seem to have anything on lowering the cpu voltage.
    so I am going to just ask I have and Asrock mobo and can I usethe axtu to take and lower the voltage from 1.4750 to 1.4625 or lower without changing anything else?
  16. 1. The stock heatsink on Phenoms suck sooooooooo bad. Get a Hyper 212 Plus/Evo

    2. That is expected heat on stock, lowering the clock might help, even for stock the voltages come too high with the cpu. I have managed to get mine to 1.3875 OC'd at 3.6Ghz. So you should be able to lower it a bit more since youre not OC'ing. Trust me it makes a difference
  17. I have a Deneb 955, running with its stock cooler, and after hours playing CoD:BO2 and Bf3, never above 55°C

    Although, it's running at stock clock 3.2GHz.
  18. You should alter your Vcore in your bios, but start at about 1.3125v,
    when you bluescreen then up it a notch and try booting again until you find your lowest possible workable voltage, which will give you a lower temperature as well
    You can do it in axtu but it may be a pain restarting then loading up axtu for every tiny adjustment, quicker, easier and more reliable to just use bios screen yourself
    @Omnisome, it may help Op if you can post the voltage you use for that?

  19. Another thing. If you don't want to invest in a CPU cooler you can turn up the CPU fan speeds in the BIOS to the max value. It will be loud but a LOT cooler.
  20. So first thanks for all the replies

    So looking at the AXTU (asrock's overclocking software) it only has cpu voltage. And then in the BIOS it only has VDDA voltage. i thought that vcore was VDD. is the UIEF BIOS just changing the name?

    (and is there a lowering to much point?)

    and is is bad to have to many crashes becuase of the overclocking? (or in my case undervolting?)

    And I cannot seem to raise the fan speeds on any of my fans above 1400 rpms. (with cool n quiet disabled) I thought that they should be higher than that. are they where they are supposed to be?

    Thanks for all of your responses and for putting up with my lack of experience
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