Vertical lines on screen, is it the gpu?

i will start this off by saying i just ordered a sapphire 7850 to replace my sapphire 4870. it isnt going to be delivered until friday and i am having some serious issues now with my pc, and im hoping its gpu related. when i play battlefield 3 or watch a video on the computer, the pc begins to pixelate, and then freezes and goes to bsod, then it restarts. when it comes back up the bios has lines everywhere, and the windows 7 screen had big bars going down the middle. i turn the pc off for about 30 minutes and back on and it works until i play a game or watch a video.

PLEASE tell me this is the video card dying and not something like my motherboard or power supply.

my psu is 650 watt and has never given issues.

is this most likely gpu related? just nervous since i just dropped over 275 bucks on a new gpu!
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  1. It probably is graphics card problem.
  2. Sounds like the GPU to me, probably overheating. Here's my reasoning.

    Your problem only occurs when you're playing videos or games. This is when your GPU is most taxed and produces the most heat. After a while, the heat could build up to the point that the errors crop up in the GPU, thus the visual artifacts (the fancy term for the lines and such). You can get the same problems from too aggressive an overclock.

    The problem persists after a restart, but goes away after waiting a while. If this were a simple software or driver thing, then restarting would fix it immediately. Waiting 30 minutes and having it return to normal suggests that it's needing to bleed off the heat and get back to normal temperatures.
  3. Sounds like the gpu for sure. Had two cards do that but the vertical lines during the POST screen were permanent so they ended up as junk. You may be able to salvage that 470. Did the fan stop spinning or is the heatsink full of dust? Replacement fans are fairly cheap. I would be a little pissed if I bought a gpu from someone that had previously overheated s few times so try to be honest if you fix it and sell it.
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