GTX 460

Hey guys, I was wondering if I should get a gts 460 or 450. I am running a Core2Duo computer with an ASUS P5KC mobo. It currently has 4 gbs of ddr2 ram but i'm planning on getting ddr3 later on. Anyways, tonight I bought a Corsair CX430v2 and was wondering if it could handle a gtx460 or an equivalent.
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  1. gtx 460 uses 2x6pin pcie connector and your psu has only one get an hd 6850 which is similar to the performance of gtx 460 and it only uses 1 pcie connector so you will be fine with it and it will be an good upgrade for you.:)

    get this one its an sapphire one its one of the best amd gpus brand it makes the cards which performs over the price.:)


    u can see in this review that there is no difference between these two cards in performance about 1-2 fps which means nothing.:)

  2. couldn't I just get a molex 6pin pci? I was thinking about getting a gts450 because its only 70 dollars after mail in rebate. I was looking into the gtx 460 because of its performance and the fact that there is a 40 dollar rebate.
    I was looking into buying this one because it comes with a 40$ rebate and it comes with 1 molex connectors.
  3. which gtx 460 brand and model are you thinking to buy?
  4. gts 450 will work with ease i mean which gtx 460 one?
  5. this one. I edited my previous post. I wanted to get it but i didn't want to buy it that soon, but the 40 dollar rebate ends tomorrow
  6. heard bad review about that card go for hd 6770 which is better then gts 450.:)

    or if u can go higher then hd 7770

    or this after rebate $119
  7. i'll look into those and see when they drop in price. I might just end up getting the 70 dollar msi as a temp card. I wanted the 7770 but it's just out of my price range. I am planning on getting D3 soon (later this month). Right now it's between the 450 and 460. I'm just concerned if my PSU can run the 460, I know for sure it can run the 450
  8. i said you before it uses 2x6pin pcie connector and gts 450 uses only one.:)

    well if you are thinking of buying an gpu which will d3 at high settings so get the hd 6770 it will run with your psu its better then gts 450 and its in your price range i think.:)
  9. Is the MSI version of the GTX 460 really that bad? I was going to use molex 6 pin connectors

    Mother Board:Asus P5KC Mother board
    CPU:Intel Core2 CPU 6400 @2.13 GHz
    Operating System:Windows 7 x64 bit
    PSU:Corsair CX 430 (
    Ram: 4 sticks of ddr2. 1gb each.(planning on getting 2 sticks of ddr3 1333)
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    no msi one is not that bad its good one if u think of buying that then go for it and if u will use molex 6 pin pcie connector then it will work gtx 460 doesnt uses that much amount of power good luck.:)
  11. k thanks
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  13. goodluck for your purchase.:)
  14. Thanks, I was really worried about buying the GTX 460 and having to return it because my 430 watt PSU wasn't able to handle it.
  15. ok if u buy that card and you are having any problem then just send me an private message i will help you there.:)

    but i dont think it will have any problem.:)
  16. I'm thinking about getting this Evga gtx 460 instead of the MSI because of the horrible customer service reviews and rebate reviews about MSI
  17. yeah now you had make a nice move i also like that card gooodluck its way better then that msi one.:)
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