Sli 560's or a single 580 help

hi all,

I am in the process of finalising my new build which I am getting more excited about. But I was wondering if sli 560's would be better than I 580?

I have never sli/x fired before and am not entirely sure what 1 would be better.

I know it is a hassle sometimes to sli but well for one I love the way two cards look visually


two would it be beneficial to my build at all

My PC if going to be for gaming and everyday browsing and word processing

MY build so far is as follows

Corsair HX-750(Am not sure if 2x560 will need a bigger power supply)
WD 2 TB Black
Kingston 8gb(2x4) 1600mhz
Crucial m4 128G SSD
Corsair H80
Asrock Z77-Extreme 6
Intel i5 3570k
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  1. Why not get a 670? Will beat the 580 for the same cost as a refurb 580 or a lot less than a new 580.
  2. I was looking in to the 670 but they are hard to get and I am really thinking about sli
    however if i was to go with a single card it would be the 580

    what do you think about sli 560's

    I was thinking the gainsworld phantom I love the look and i have not heard or seen any bad reviews on it as of yet
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    get an gtx 670 intead of gtx 560 sli or gtx 580 the gtx 670 is better then gtx 580 the gtx 670 is having low cost then gtx 580 and gives better performance then that the gtx 670 is almost near to the performance of gtx 680.:)

    get this one with better cooling and overclocking.:)

    look at this review its very similar to the performance of gtx 680 and when overclocked it goes past then gtx 680.:)
  4. thanks for all the replies i think i will go with a single 670 for now i might wait until more re released to find one i like
  5. ok nice choice goodluck.:)
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  7. I have the 560 in is nice but gpu ram does not let me max out AA in BF 3...otherwise it rocks. I got both card for 150ish so it was an easy call. Plus there was no 670 out.

    Get the 670 if new build.
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