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Mouse is randomly slow sometimes

ok so heres my problems sometimes my mouse gets randomly slow sometimes? so it affects me when i play games like cs-go. when i restart my computer its usually fine, and becomes sensitive again. i dont know whats the problem. could i have a defective motherboard or could it be that my power supply isnt giving enough power to my usb ports? i have mouse acceleration disabled. im using mark c mouse fix and im using raw input. what could be causing my mouse to move slow until i shut down my computer?

is it my voltage?
is it my motherboard?

its definitely not my mouse i got this mouse and replaced it.

also i have this problem where the video and audio isnt synced. no matter what video i watch. whether i steam it or download it the audio is ahead of the video.

things i rma'd already:

heres my specs. [...] 6813130290 [...] 6817171031 [...] 6822136457 [...] 6819103808 [...] 6820231277 [...] 6827106289 [...] 6814130604

i checked my bios voltages and the numbers on hw monitor are wrong, which i dont even know why.

cpu vcore 1.400v
3.3v 3.296v
5v 5.107v
12v 12.096v
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  1. i am not sure but it can be the problem with the dirvers
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    and change the port u have connected with like if it is in front of the case usb's try back ones it worked for me
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